Open Your Very Own Clothing Store For Your Fitness Business In 6 Simple Steps

It’s never been so simple…

1) Start By Signing Up Below

We charge a one time fee of either £40 or £80 to let up your account

2) Create Your Store Profile

In just a few clicks you can create your store profile

3) Select Your Products

Chose from over 15 products & accessories to add to your store

4) Grab A Cup Of Coffee

We will then get to work creating your products & adding to your store. Depending on the number of colours you want and slogans, this could take up to 10 Days.

5) Start Telling Your Client About The Store

They can then order directly from the store, we will then get it all printed & sent over

6) Earn A Minimum of 10% Commission

Not only do we keep prices competitive, we also ensure that you make a minimum of 10% commission on each item

📍 FREE UK Shipping
On all orders above £70
👌 No Minimum Order
Order just 1 item at a time
🔐 100% Secure Checkout
PayPal / MasterCard / Visa
🚛 2-3 Weeks Delivery Guarantee
England Deliveries will be 2-3 weeks delivery NI can take up to one month